Drniš Tourist Board invites you to the city tour with local products tasting.

The town of Drniš is well known for its prosciutto, but this pearl of Šibenik Knin county has much more to offer. During your trip you will have the opportunity to travel through time, experience Drniš through his valuable history. Drniš in the time of the Ottomans, the Venetians, Drniš through recent history and Drniš today. Take a break from city hustle and enjoy the interesting history, untouched nature, prosciutto, wine and peka.

Drniš in 1 day:

We offer you a choice of 2 touristic tours called  „Drniš through history“ and „In search of Meštrović“. The first relies on the turbulent past, the Ottomans, the Venetians, their legacy, the 4 interwind religions, former mosques – present Roman Catholic church, the most western Minaret dating from the 16th century. The second tour relies on the beautiful works of Ivan Meštrović, our world famous artist who donated some of his workd to the city of Drniš.

Wine tasting and lunch – enjoying the view of beautiful vineyards, sorrounded by true nature and stone houses, tasting the wines with several world awards and the best dishes that this area offers you will understand what people of this area are extremly proud of. We offer a choice of numerous family restaurants .

Drniš in 2 days

Day 1: Čikola canyon – a remarkable and unique experience. During the winter season when there is water in canyon you can do feratta and during the summer season while there is no water you can experience the walk through the dry canyon with our guide who will tell you all the hidden secrets of this area. The walk is 15km long and the feratta is 2 km (aprox 2h).

Day 2: Tourist tour called „Drniš loves Ivan Meštrović“ accompanied by local guide. The wine tasting and lunch afterwards.

Drniš in 3 days: Day 1: Promina – a gentle mountain that offers a handfull of sources of drinking water. Promina used to be a parto of Dinaric massive and unlike all other Dinaric mountains it is rich in ores.

Day 2:– tourist tour of the city accompanied by a lincesed guide or alone (Museum of Drniš, Old Mill, medietative fortress Gradina, cultural heritage and sacral heritage).

Day 3: Čikola canyon accompanied with a local guide/quad tours/NP Krka visit.